Partners in the World of Sports


SPORT 2000 is one of the world's largest purchasing cooperatives of independent sports retailers, and is represented by approx. 3,800 stores in more than 20 countries.

Advice, know-how, and plenty of passion and excitement for athletics are our most decisive competitive advantages! In the future, we will continue to inspire our customers and support them in achieving their athletic goals!

Assortment of leading athletic brands and high quality private labels - High Colorado (outdoor), York (activewear), Stuf (lifestyle-sport), and V3Tec (sportswear and equipment) - available exclusively from SPORT 2000 retailers.

Sales: 6.355 billion EUR (2014)
1.66 million square metres of retail space
3,854 shops (1,157 branded)
35,000 employees

Foundation of SPORT 2000 Schweiz AG as a subsidiary of SPORT 2000 Deutschland.


Specialist retail stores for outdoor, team sports, running, and cycling gear complement classic suppliers of the full product range.

Expansion into city centres and shopping centres under the concept "Sports & Fashion"


Launch of ski rental business in Austria.


The rental concept has since been internationalised to France, Italy, and Switzerland via SPORT 2000 partners, so that SPORT 2000 rent today represents one of the largest ski rental organisations in European skiing areas, with over 600 rental stations.

New Markets and New Concepts


International Alliance


National organizations in Germany and Austria cooperated with the French group to operate under the name SPORT 2000 as well. SPORT 2000 develops as the central retail platform for the largest athletic brands.



Increased expansion into winter sports venues (SPORT 2000 Montagne).

Foundation of Fachsport-International as a predecessor to SPORT 2000 in Germany.


Merger of sporting goods retailers to form the Zentrasport purchasing group in Austria, the predecessor to SPORT 2000. 107 members after only 2 years.

The Beginning

The 1970s

Foundation of Golden Team International - predecessor to SPORT 2000 International in Switzerland.


SPORT 2000 was founded in France through a merger of 36 retailers. Among these were three big names from French football: Pierre Batteux, Just Fontaine, and Jean Djorkaeff