About us

SPORT 2000 International GmbH is one of the leading buying groups in the European Sport Retail Industry with more than 3.855 outlets in 24 countries and a turnover of more than € 6.3 billion.

Our Identity

We are the professional and passionate companion who enhances the individual capabilities of every athlete by understanding their personality and needs. We believe in the potential of every athlete. And we know that passion is the greatest driving force. This is fundamental for us. Parting from this, our experience tells us that a professional partner will always enhance the possibilities of an athlete. Because he makes him focus on his goals. Because he provides him with the right equipment. Because he shows him how to channel his strengths and improve his performance. Because he supports him in every challenge, giving him courage and strength. Thus sport becomes liberating and leads to self-fulfillment. To be this strong and reliable companion – that’s our attitude and our commitment.

International Experts Community

We are a community of international experts. Each member benefits from the collective expertise and at the same time enlarges it with his own competence. SPORT 2000 is not just a well functioning network, but a seal of quality. This awareness is an important advantage in a highly competitive market – and the basis for further improvement.

Personally caring for our customers

Each SPORT 2000 store has a close relation to its geographical and social environment. It’s an integrated part of the town or neighbourhood with manager and staff members rooted in the region. This genuine proximity is a distinctive attribute of SPORT 2000 – for our customers it means the promise of individual and empathetic assistance at any time.

Expertise through Passion

SPORT 2000 is run by athletes for athletes, no matter if the latter are professionals, amateurs, or even just beginners. Our passion for sports is shared by each and every one of our members, and it is this passion which makes our expertise valuable and accessible. We are inspiring because we are inspired. The spirit of sport is perceptible in everything we do, and that’s why sports enthusiasts come to us.

Rethinking Boundaries

Sport is always about challenge: the challenge of competition as well as the challenge of pushing oneself. In order to achieve new goals you must rethink boundaries and break out of your comfort zone. That’s what we do. We are progressive and open-minded and always striving for more. Our customers can count on us for their next undertaking to whatever their next objective may be.