Many KETTLER friends be aware of the brand since their own childhood. For example the legendary KETTCAR, who is a lovely memory for entire generations. Perhaps there were also garden furniture or toys from KETTLER in the parental garden. With homefitness products, table tennis tables or the famous KETTLER aluminium bike, KETTLER creates products in the course of the years who have the common goal of improving people`s quality of life. So KETTLER accompanied many people through their lifes- and that is we are proud of.

"ENJOY YOUR LIFE" is the fitting slogan today, which dovetails perfectly with the motto coined by Heinz Kettler, "KETTLER from the beginning". Today, KETTLER products are companions across generations for the whole family in all life stages. The help promote a healthy lifestyle and enhance the enjoyment of life in all facets. "ENJOY YOUR LIFE" is the slogan expressing this attitude to life.

Thanks to all our customers, who appreciate our high level of quantity and have remained faithful to the KETTLER company for years. We also welcome all our future customers inside of the KETTLER family and we wish you a lot of fun with the new products.