1960 • Calzaturificio Tecnica SpA was born on 1960, developing the activity of the small workshop established in the 1930’s by Oreste Zanatta. At the beginning, the company’s activity was focused on work-boots production.

1969 • 20th JULY 1969: Together with the growing of ski trend in Italy Tecnica change its production and directs its activity towards the winter sports market.In 1969 the first major international success with the launch of Moon Boot, an after-ski boot that takes inspiration from the boots worn by the Apollo astronauts who first set foot on the Moon. Moon Boots will quickly become synonymous in the world of after-ski boot and symbol of Tecnica success.

1970 • DEVELOPMENT: In 1970 Tecnica presents Tecnus, the first bi-injiected skiboot, followed in the 80s by the TNT hit series.These are the first steps of the company to reach a leadership position in the ski boot market.

1980 • OUTDOOR: In the mid-'80s, Tecnica launches its first outdoor collectionthat will quickly become one of its major market segments.

1993 • Tecnica takes over Lowa, the most prestigious German company in the outdoor footwear market.For the first time, an Italian company acquires a top-level german company in this field.

2000 • NEW TECHNOLOGIES: Tecnica has been confirmed as the world leader in after-ski segment and third in ski boots market. In 2002, the company introduces two revolutionary technologies: HOTFORM, a special thermoformable liner and Rapid Access, an innovative technology allowing the foot to slide in an out of the boot with ease.

2010-2014 • AWARDS & OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL: During all those years integration and diversification strategies together with the ability to create high performing products have made the company a leader in ski boot, after-ski and outdoor segments. Innovation, continuous research in the development of collections and focus on the needs of the consumers are the winning features of brand Tecnica. Tecnica confirms its successes also on the field thanks to ski champion Mario Matt, who won a gold medal in slalom at the Olympics in Sochi 2014.