Private labels


Without limits

Stuf is the exclusive brand for lifestyle and fun sports enthusiasts who are looking for a unique physical activity experience with no limits. Stuf offers high quality, comfortable clothing, footwear and equipment at a top price in cool, stylish designs for an authentic and impassioned sports feeling. Trendy design and the ultimate professional feeling go hand in hand.

The best thing to do is to first obtain Support pur at a SPORT 2000 specialty retailer for great deals and to find out more about the technical options and the ideal equipment for your individual requirements - then adventure can begin!

Beyond Borders

The brand represents a comprehensive collection of products where money doesn't get in the way of that real outdoor feeling. Clothing, equipment and even outdoor footwear is combined with first class quality and intelligent functionality – so you can enjoy your personal adventure to the fullest and in every respect.

Outdoor Clothing

Functional jackets are also offered at an unbeatable value just as outdoor pants, basic and function shirts. Of course these items are available for men, women and children. More than just standard pieces are included in the collection such as very functional items from HIGH COLORADO X-TREME. With their high-quality product features they satisfy even the high demands of very active outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Outdoor Equipement

From Nordic walking sticks, camping mats, sleeping bags to tents and backpacks – all outdoor equipment is available. The SPORT 2000 distributors are also happy to supply you with water bottles, headlamps or even a first-aid package. HIGH COLORADO always offers products that provide good quality and where money doesn't get in the way of your outdoor experience.

Outdoor Footwear

From trekking sandals, water sport shoes, outdoor sandals, running shoes, lightweight hiking shoes, hiking footwear to multifunction shoes and much more – everything you need is available. HIGH COLORADO also has a suitable line of products for children as well as for women, in which the collection’s characteristics and the design conform to female requirements.

Above Average

The fashion label V3TEC stands for functional winter clothing and is highlighted with technical features and optical refinements. The collection compiled for the fashion conscious, active winter sports enthusiast is presented in trendy colors with impressive quality and also provides numerous practical extras.

Shape Changing

Everything you need both inside and out. Wherever York is attached you will find functional and well conceived designs, no bits and pieces, but rather the right materials and fabrics. Since 1910 the label stands for unpretentious outfits for all types of training, from fitness boxing to meditation such as yoga as well as for running or studio and home workouts. No matter if it's a girl, a boy or just a kid. And at very pleasing and unbeatable value for your money.