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Livret Sport – successful interactive customer loyalty program in sports retail

Customer loyalty programs are firmly established in today’s retail industry. However, the development of such measures requires creativity, intuition and an accurate knowledge of the customers. After all, every store wants to offer something different and special to stand out from the flood of loyalty cards, VIP clubs and shopping communities. Given their active character, sports retailers are especially seeking to motivate and engage sports enthusiasts in a particularly interactive way.

Therefore, SPORT 2000 France developed the “Livret Sport” customer loyalty program, in which athletes are rewarded for every kilometre covered or every completed training minute. Instead of focussing on every Euro spent, the program aims to reward athletic activity. For customers it is a good argument not to give up and to pursue their individual goal. Nathalie Caron Housset, Marketing and Communications Director of SPORT 2000 France, says: “For this program to work, important factors had to be taken into consideration. The usability of the application was particularly important. Furthermore, we made sure that the program would be compatible with a variety of apps. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for customers to integrate the program into their everyday lives. In order to cover as many costumer touchpoints as possible, the collaboration with partners turned out to be essential.”

Livret Sport – The more customers work out, the more they earn

Regardless which goal customers would like to pursue with their sporting activities – lose weight, increase health, get faster or just having fun – many of the athletes track themselves while doing so with various wearable technology. The resulting evaluation makes your own performance tangible and visible. Improvements, as well as setbacks, can be easily illustrated, allowing the athlete to start taking measures in a more targeted manner. These trackers are the basis of the SPORT 2000 customer loyalty program. “Livret Sport” creates a world where every kilometre covered, every burpee performed and every swim session ultimately results in points and money – regardless of the app or wearable technology chosen. “We want to give ambitious athletes as well as beginners an additional incentive in their daily sporting efforts. “Livret Sport” is a complementary motivation to encourage French people to include sport into their daily lives while saving money at the same time“, says Nathalie Caron Housset  adding: ” They are not alone in achieving their goals, as SPORT 2000 is their so-called ‘partner in crime’. “

Step by step-approach to reach the customers personal goal: motivation that pays off

The combination of the online and offline world and the simple usability characterise the new SPORT 2000 loyalty program. Interested customers register at www.livretsport.fr and create an account.  In the next step they synchronise their preferred tracker such as an app or clock. Now the process of collecting points begins. For each registered activity – such as walking, swimming, skiing, running, fitness and cycling – the customer scores points. Runners receive 5 points per kilometre covered – 2.5 points if walked. For every kilometre of swimming, they get a total of 20 points. If 500 points are collected, they get a voucher worth 5 euros. This can be redeemed in all SPORT 2000 shops, as well as Mondovelo, Espace Montagne and Degrif Sport locations. In addition to collecting regular points, the community will also be rewarded with additional exclusive events. For example, users can also take on sporting challenges with friends and win lucrative prizes, such as travel vouchers or gift cards, on a monthly basis.

Expanding sports knowledge

The topics of training and sport are not only engaging active people during the exercise itself, but also during recovery phases on their couch. This time is often used to read about new training methods or the right nutrition. On the “Livret Sport” website, the SPORT Community receives more insights into the subject of sport. Among other things, they learn how to improve their posture through sports, how to limit the risk of injury and optimise recovery. Thus, one finds support and an advisory hand with SPORT 2000 apart from their workouts.

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