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SPORT 2000 & Pentland Group: Growing together

SPORT 2000 International relies on strong partnerships: critical success factors are a well-positioned corporate structure, brand awareness and speciality retail orientation. The strategic partnership with the Pentland Group is a perfect example. This opens up new opportunities and strengthens both brands. Dieter Schott, Commercial Director at SPORT 2000 International, explains what makes the co-operation with the Pentland Group so successful, and also gives an outlook on joint plans for the future.

A strong SPORT 2000 International partner needs to have three key attributes: a well-positioned corporate structure with a European focus, a distinguishing brand awareness and a clear leaning towards specialist retailers. “With its head office in Europe and a network of national branches, it is straightforward to work with them, both for industrial partners and us as trading partners. We communicate and negotiate with the brand’s headquarters from here in Mainhausen. The sales representatives from the respective brands are in regular contact with our SPORT 2000 country representatives and our division heads,” says Dieter Schott, Commercial Director at SPORT 2000 International, illustrating the flat communication channels. In addition to the European focus, customer awareness is particularly important for SPORT 2000: “For us, a brand must have a distinctive standing in the respective sector and be relevant for the European market.” In this context, he emphasises the relevance of specialist retail orientation. “We are deliberately focussing on specialist retail. It is vitally important that our brand partners share this approach and live it themselves,” says Schott. The world’s second largest retail organisation of independent sports retailers, boasting more than 3,500 specialist shops in 20 countries and with its specialist positioning, is an exciting partner for the sporting goods industry.


Strategic Partnership: SPORT 2000 & PENTLAND GROUP


Strategic partnership with the Pentland Group
The Pentland Group, based in London, is one company that brings all these factors to the table. The Pentland Group is a family-run multi-brand company that has been a successful market player for over 90 years. “The company has a great mix of brands from the performance and lifestyle sectors,” says Schott. SPORT 2000 has been working with three Pentland Group brands on an international level for over a year now. “Berghaus is expanding our outdoor portfolio. In Ellesse, we have gained one of the most sought-after lifestyle brands and Speedo brings us a classic in the swimming segment,” says the Commercial Director, continuing: “The Pentland Group was the first partner to recognise the potential of our sport style concept and was on board with Ellesse from the very beginning.” Ellesse has its roots in sport, yet still has a sport style flair and therefore is a perfect fit with the SPORT 2000 International concept. Together with the SPORT 2000 specialist group Sneaker Force, the international sports retailer launched the MeetNbuy sport style trade fair, which is fast becoming the industry’s leading trade fair. “We see a market with plenty of future potential in the sport style sector.” Schott is convinced of the fact.

Centralised knowledge transfer strengthens brand partnerships
For several years now, SPORT 2000 International has been using the “Centre of Excellence” approach to pursue the clear goal of pooling expertise from the countries, with a view to reaping the benefit from an institutionalised transfer of knowledge. One of the most skilled SPORT 2000 national organisations in the respective category takes over the international management for a core issue and is responsible for the respective centre of excellence approach. “Our best people in winter sports, to take one example, form a divisional team and liaise with the brands at a national level. This approach is also critically importance for brand partnerships, as experts from industry and retail work together, exchange ideas and actively shape the sector,” says Schott. In addition to the winter sports, running and outdoor segments, SPORT 2000 International plans to expand into the bike and sportstyle segments.


Brand Logos: Berghaus / Speedo / Ellesse


Future collaboration potential
Further expanding the “Centre of Excellence” approach opens up new opportunities to collaborate with the Pentland Group. “There is growth potential for all sides,” says the Commercial Director, talking about future plans, adding: “Successful partnerships and a diversified brand portfolio strengthen our SPORT 2000 brand.” According to the Commercial Director, the success of any collaboration also depends on the SPORT 2000 country organisations, which in turn primarily benefit from the strategic partnerships: “As well as improved purchasing terms and marketing budgets, brands are also constantly developing exclusive special editions for us. As a result, SPORT 2000 retailers can clearly stand out from the competition.”



Dieter Schott – Commercial Director at SPORT 2000 International


Picture Credits: / SPORT 2000 International

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