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New SPORT 2000 Multi-Category-Retail concept takes sports retail in Mauritius to a new level

Consistent implementation of the SPORT 2000 multi-category retail concept successfully raises sports retailing in Mauritius to a new level. The first SPORT 2000 store in Mauritius offers an impressive shopping experience for sports enthusiasts and emerging new markets for the industry. The SPORT 2000 flagship store at Tribeca Mall has been a must-visit destination for many athletes since January 2023. Two more store openings in the west and south of the island quickly followed as early as February 2023. The store openings are a milestone in establishing high-end sports retail in Mauritius and Madagascar.

Tribeca is the largest shopping mall in Mauritius, an innovative centrally-located mall. We are primarily appealing to a young, sporty generation with our store design and the latest technologies,” explains Loïc Nicole, Senior Operation Manager at HV Holding, talking about initial reactions from customers: “They come into our store and experience an absolute wow effect. They have never seen such a clear and modern concept.” The 1,000 m2 retail space is perfect for offering a great shopping experience in the setting of the new and trend-setting mall. This offers quality not yet seen in Mauritius: from the product range through presentation and personal service.

Top brands conquer Mauritius with SPORT 2000

The landscape and nature of Mauritius make it a wonderful place for all kinds of outdoor sports,” explains Loïc Nicole. Aside from the whole range of options that the water offers—such as swimming, diving, kayaking and surfing—hiking, golf and cycling are also very popular among vacation guests. Many locals love soccer, athletics and boxing, but are also increasingly enthusiastic about running and fitness, as well as other team sports. Entry-level sports equipment has been available on Mauritius for some time. The new SPORT 2000 multi-category retail concept takes sports retailing on Mauritius to a whole new level. “We bring brands to Mauritius that have not been seen in any store here before,” Nicole points out. The SPORT 2000 stores are where locals and tourists alike will find a wealth of top brands, technology and expertise that is unique on the island. This also opens up a new, exciting market in the Indian Ocean for the sporting goods industry.

Growth succeeds with the right partners

HV Group is an extremely professional partner with years of retail expertise. With this new collaboration, we are further expanding our international brand presence and giving our brand an ultramodern position in the southern hemisphere, too,” says Margit Gosau, CEO of Sport 2000 International. “We have succeeded in implementing our SPORT 2000 multi-category retail concept in its entirety for the first time at Tribeca Mall.” A SPORT 2000 store was opened in Tamarin on the west coast and a third location in Plaisance in the south of the island almost simultaneously with the pioneering project at Tribeca Mall. “This is only the beginning of our shared history though. SPORT 2000 is the ideal partner to promote sport on the islands and bring new energy to Mauritius and subsequently Madagascar,” says Nicole. Four more stores are in the planning stages.

Sports retail taking responsibility for the environment

The coral reefs on Mauritius are known as a paradise for diving and snorkeling. However, they are not only a backdrop to sporting activities, but more importantly a habitat for marine life and an important factor in coastal and climate protection. Climate change, pollution and human interference in the ocean habitat increasingly threaten the sensitive coral reefs. “As a company that is connected to sports, we are responsible for protecting the oceans, reefs and the environment over the long term. We are leading by example in protecting the regional reefs with our partnership with the Reef Conservation foundation in Mauritius,” says Roupesh Hematlal, CEO of HV Holding, about the sustainability initiative that SPORT 2000 International and HV Holding are jointly supporting.

Loïc Nicole, Senior Operation Manager at HV Holding

Loïc Nicole, Senior Operation Manager at HV Holding

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