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24. January 2020

Sports Business Trade Fairs: from Trade- to Networking Platforms

2,800 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors. The ISPO Munich is known as the world’s largest trade fair for sports business. Although experts were still predicting the demise of trade fairs a few years ago, their consistent visitor numbers paint a different picture. Margit Gosau, CEO of SPORT 2000 International and SPORT 2000 GmbH is convinced that […]

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31. October 2019

Livret Sport – successful interactive customer loyalty program in sports retail

Customer loyalty programs are firmly established in today’s retail industry. However, the development of such measures requires creativity, intuition and an accurate knowledge of the customers. After all, every store wants to offer something different and special to stand out from the flood of loyalty cards, VIP clubs and shopping communities. Given their active character, […]

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14. October 2019

ABSOLUTE Run – Specialization at the highest level

Specialization – an essential element for the future of brick and mortar sports retail. Simply selling goods has served its purpose. Customers demand a shopping experience to which they can identify. The ABSOLUTE concept from SPORT 2000 International is a holistic solution for the specialist retailers of the future.  With the ABSOLUTE Run Store in […]

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29. August 2019

Plus size: Sport knows no dress size

The beauty ideal of women is changing – slowly but surely. In glossy magazines, social media channels, such as Instagram, as well as in ads, clichés and stereotypes of ideal women’s bodies are being done away with. Until recently, the fitness industry remained relatively unaffected by this. The image is anchored too firmly in our […]

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31. July 2019

Outdoor: New opportunities for sports retailers

At the first edition of Outdoor by ISPO in the beginning of July, the realignment of Outdoor was in focus. Outdoor has changed, not in its core aspects - but in its scope. In the past outdoor was consider as a term for die-hard athletes who defied all kinds of weather conditions to pursue their sport. Meanwhile, this area has grown further and now appeals to a larger audience. Sports retailers are required to launch measures in order to keep up with this development. Thus, the entire sports industry must come up with innovative and new ways to respond to the needs of customers in a more targeted manner.

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3. June 2019

Interview with Category Manager André Navratil: Connectivity & Community as next steps in running

All of Europe is running—in marathons, city runs, or just as a leisure activity. And no wonder, because with the right clothing and shoes, this is a sport that can be practiced anywhere and at any time of the year. Gadgets that were only used by professional athletes in the past—smart equipment like training watches and trackers—have become part of all runners’ basic equipment now, no matter at what level they are running.

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